For the very best quality eyewear at the most affordable prices, look no further than Warby Parker. Warby Parker is an eyewear brand of vintage-inspired sunglasses, professional eyeglasses, as well as prescription glasses based in America. Aside from offering a range of spectacles and lenses, eye examinations are also in their realm of expertise. Warby Parker provides all these services at incredibly low prices. For as little as $95, you can get a classy pair of glasses, including both the frames and lenses. Their frames have been recognized by Esquire, Vogue, Tyler Oakley and GQ among others. Since its humble beginnings, Warby Parker has expanded and continued to revolutionize the eyewear market.

Warby Parker's History and Objective

Warby Parker came into existence in the year 2010. Neil Blumenthal, Jeff Raider, Andrew Hunt and Dave Gilboa are the brains behind Warby Parker, conceiving the idea in a computer lab in business school. With retail stores in over 20 states, they also have their main office located in New York City. The name was coined from two characters: Warby Pepper and Zagg Parker, whose names appeared in a journal by Jack Kerouac.

Warby Parker was founded to help those people who could not obtain their essential eyewear due to high prices. Their primary objective and mission was to offer designer eyewear at incredible prices, while at the same time being in the forefront for socially conscious business. With a single company dominating the eyewear industry, they sought out a niche in offering affordable eyewear to customers who otherwise lacked an alternative. Their company 'Warby Parker' provided that option. The 'affordable' ideal was achieved by cutting down the middlemen, and instead selling their products at their retail stores. Their business was all about solving the problems that the previous market could not.

Warby Parker believes that all human beings have a right to see, and access quality eyewear without having to pay beyond their means. Buying glasses should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. With this in mind, they have partnered with some non-profit organization such as VisionSpring in making their objectives and mission come true. When you purchase a pair of glasses at Warby Parker, another pair is given to someone in need who cannot afford it; "Buy a pair, give a pair", a phrase that has been coined for this practice.

Great Products from Warby Parker

Warby Parker has a team of in-house designers who create their various products. Their inspiration is drawn from around the globe, with modern and classic eyewear trends. The frames are in-house designed, starting from the sketch to prototype testing, and the final layout. The pattern, variations, and features are extremely unique (such as triple-gradient lenses). They use the very best materials, which are entirely environmentally friendly. Acetate frames are hand-polished then tumbled for three days. The savings from Warby Parker is significantly achieved by cutting out intermediaries, hence selling at the best prices to their clientele.

Warby Parker offers a process titled 'Home Try-On.' In this program, you get to select five frames you love from their site. The frames are then mailed to your address for you to try them out for five days, and enable you to choose your perfect pair. After selecting your preference, you can make it your own by purchasing online, and a fresh pair will be mailed to you. After five days of testing, you then return the frames and use the prepaid return label. This is visionary business at its finest: getting to know and try your product, before making the decision to purchase.

Warby Parker strives each and every day to come up with innovations in frame design, as well as fantastic color combinations. They have the "staff pick" category on their site, which gives expert recommendations on best-sellers. Some of the sunglasses in this category include Barkley, Downing, and Laurel. Downing frame was created by Tyler Oakley, a YouTube blogger with over eight million subscribers. Warby Parker has been working closely with Tyler Oakley since 2013. He has launched an Eyewear line which gains great popularity with the help of Warby Parker.

Buy a Pair, Give a Pair

As previously stated, Warby Parker always makes a monthly donation to nonprofit organizations that help those less fortunate access eye examinations and eyewear products. This is made possible by individuals purchasing their eyeglasses at Warby Parker. The company sums the number of purchases made, then donates based on the consumer figures. This covers the cost that would have been used to produce the glasses, making the entire system a 'win, win' for all involved.

The non-profit organization later sells the glasses at much more affordable prices, while at the same time providing eye examinations. This revolutionary method of contribution is a way of preventing the creation of a culture of dependency by just giving out free eyeglasses. They have distributed over two million pairs of glasses to people in need, especially in developing countries. They have trained men and women from developing countries in giving basic eye examinations. Their efforts have touched the lives of so many people who otherwise may never have gotten the help they needed for better quality vision.

Warby Parker stores

Since 2010, Warby Parker has immensely grown. They have over 45 stores located in 20 states within the U.S. They also have two international stores in Canada. The addresses of all the retail stores are available on their official site. Warby Parker's online store offers their products for purchase, so you can access all of their products from the comfort of your own home. When visiting in store, their eye examinations ensures that you get the best prescription to suits your individual needs. The retail stores that provide these eye exams are listed on their site. Get the best services at incredible prices by visiting any of their online, or retail stores.

Keep in touch with Warby Parker

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