Unique T-shirts from TeePublic

Arya Reynolds
Last update: January 07, 2017

This is Teepublic

Teepublic happens to be one of the best websites around that helps people discover the best created designs from artists. The people who have deep passion and affection for art will have an opportunity to explore so many artistic designs that have been done and submitted through TeePublic website. This website was founded and developed by Josh Abramson. His idea was motivated by the silly photos he exchanged with his friend Van Veen. They saw a potential of creating an art and design website. Since the creation of the website, there has been so much development witnessed in the world of art. Teepublic at the same time is the kind of website that will sell your designs by marketing them. On this website, some of the main products designed are T-shirts.

Online Products

From this online shop, there are a variety of products. Their main products are shirts. The shirts come in a range of designs and styles. There are the long-sleeved ones, the short-sleeved ones, those made of cotton, polyester and acrylics. The purpose of creating this online shop was in a bid to create a platform where T-shirt designers would be self-sustained. They also sell and market artistic designs on phone cases, notebooks, mugs and wall art.

From the original ideas of artists in the website, the world of art has changed a great deal. Some other products that are sold here include hoods with art on them, caps with designs and artistic jackets. Hoods sold through the website were majorly bought and worn by college students. They promoted the brands and designs as they bought and wore the designs. Most of the T-shirts available in the website had prints and arts from celebrities.

Their mission

Their mission as an online art shop is to ensure that all artists and designers are able to get a platform where they can exchange ideas and market their designs. TeePublic also endeavors to sell, promote and deliver quality products and art to customers. The material used to make the products is of the highest quality, as well as the art used on the products matching this high quality. This is made possible by the fact that the art has been collected from celebrities and through crowdsourcing. Before posting the designs online, the designs are voted on, with the ones that receive the most likes are chosen. This shop is also special in the sense that whenever a buyer places an order for a product, they will be able to receive the ordered good in the shortest time possible.

Attentive service

This shop is keen on keeping and maintaining customers, and at the same time attracting more art lovers. When they make sales, they ensure that they deliver the best services to customers. The services they deliver include delivery services and after sales services. Whenever a buyer places an order of any product they ensure that they deliver the product to the customer in due time. In special cases, reprinting is also offered. For the delivery and after sales services, it will all depend on the requests of the customer.

Why choose TeePublic?

For any lover of art and any entrepreneur, this is the way to go. On this website, you will not be disappointed. Artists have a platform that is ready to support them and their business, and on the other hand art lovers have the opportunity to experience the dynamics of art in their everyday attire. It is through this platform that you can be able to appreciate the developments in art and design industry. You have the opportunity to get first hand designs and calligraphy from celebrities. This platform is a one stop shop for all artists and art lovers. All works are found here: https://www.teepublic.com/.