Color Your Life with Art

Arya Reynolds
Last update: January 10, 2017

About Society6

Welcome Society6, where hundreds and thousands of artists, from across the globe are coming together to share their artwork! Society6 was founded in 2009 in Santa Monica, California by Justin Wills, Justin Cooper, and Lucas Tirigall-Caste. This online marketplace is empowering it’s artists to produce their artwork, and to have it available for sale in an assortment of different products. Artists are finding a home at Society6 to get the help, tools, and support they need to continue their passions, and in some cases, artists are assisted acquiring grants they may need to continue working in their profession. In today's world, artists find it difficult to find opportunities to excel in their work, and this company is helping these artists, and their artwork, get out there and recognized. Society6 wants to liberate artists and give them the chance to profit from the sales of their work without giving up control of their rights.

One of the wonderful things about Society6 is that they use the highest quality materials and processes for all products. Society6 carries many varieties of products from art prints, assortment of clothing items, mugs, bags, towels, pillows, wall clocks, and much more. The selection is very innovative and exciting.

Society6 is made up of thousands of artists from around the globe. It has also been mentioned as one of the most active artist communities in the world. The goal is to empower creative and talented independent artists worldwide.

For all your types of art

As mentioned earlier, Society6 has a giant selection of art, and not just wall prints. They provide a vast variety of wall art, tapestries, even wall clocks. As far as clothing items, they have t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, v-necks, tank tops, all over print t-shirts, biker tanks, hoodies, and you can't forget leggings. You will also find a wide range of tech cases for cellphones, laptops, tablets, and iPads. If it happens that you are more interested in home decor items, there is a great variety of area and throw rugs, duvet covers, throw blankets, different sized pillows, hand and bath towels, and they even have beach towels for summer. They also carry miscellaneous items such as notebooks, tote bags, mugs, travel mugs, stationery cards, and shower curtains (believe it or not). Overall, there isn't anything on this site that you won't fall in love with, and you can have it any way you would like.

Of course, because there are so many different artists, there are also many different styles used in making any kind of artwork, some include illustration, digital, nature, people, paintings, abstract, etc. The amount of unique and diverse styles opens up new doors to the artwork of today and the motivated artists who continue to create.

Color your home with art

Now when it comes to home decor, Society6 is the place for anyone, no matter what their particular style may be. There are collections for all types of homes and for any unique style preferences. For example, abstract art pieces and furnishing accessories like throw rugs, pillows, and comforters.

Some of these home decor items come with different themes, such as space, animals prints, floral patterns, and beautiful geometric patterns. There is no doubt you will find something to brighten up your home with. On top of that, Society6 has an excellent delivery service and great customer service to help with any of your needs or concerns.

There are so many products on Society6 that would look wonderful in your home. So why not add some art to those walls and spice up each room? Every piece of wall art is extremely unique and of high quality. There is a range of wall art including basic art prints, framed art prints, stretched canvas, and metal prints. All of which are created by different artists, with all kinds of different inspiration. Prints come in multiple sizes (x-large, large, medium, small, and mini), and all prints are gallery quality. Society6 uses the best resources for their prints, 100% cotton rags, ultra smooth matte, true color prints, acid and lignin free. You couldn't ask for better value or standard.

They can't forget about the tech lovers either. Society6 carries multiple accessories for your electronic including laptop sleeves, iPad hard cases, cellphone cases, and different skins for all other devices. The options are almost endless and it's a great feeling to carry the artwork you appreciate with you wherever you go.

Become a society6 member / artist

It's very easy to become a member, or an artist, with Society6. Being a member has many benefits. You have the freedom to discover and support your favorite artists as you explore the site and what it has to offer. You are also able to promote your favorite artists if desired. You are able to save and organize the visual pieces you find inspirational. Checking out is super quick and easy, and Society6 will also provide you with exclusive deals and the best new designs as they come.

To become an artist on this site is just as simple and has amazing benefits as well. Society6 will take care of a lot of the work for you, such as printing, checking out, and shipping internationally, which allows you to continue focusing on your craft. Society6 does take a small percentage of earnings made due to the amount of work they save you, but it is well worth it. The benefits of signing up as an artist don't end there, Society6 makes your artwork immediately available online, and there are endless visual inspirations to refer and broaden your mind to artworks you may not be fluent with.

Millions of art enthusiasts visit the site monthly, which could help your artwork potentially become recognized. Over all, you can not go wrong becoming a member to shop, or as an artist to show the world your creations.

Know more about Society6

If you do not already know about Society6, or not currently a member or artist on the site, please sign up and follow Society6 on social media, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest), for any information you may need. The offers and deals are just ahead! Go and check out amazing coupons from Society6 at coupon.everafterguide.