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Last update: January 15, 2017

About Minted

Minted is a global marketplace that aims to connect artists from different countries, and help them to sell their works to interested parties through competitions. They offer chances for artists to submit their work, where once voting complete, the winner is then allocated a store in Minted, where they can sell their items. Minted is located in forty-eight states and forty-three countries. Minted is not only a marketplace but also a community creating a network of talented artists all over the world. It creates a diverse market, where you can do everything for everyone, as each designer and artist has their own unique field of specialization.

What makes Minted Different

Minted offers a chance for upcoming artists to learn through the competitions they hold. It ensures that the imagination is celebrated in showcasing the artist expression of a multitude of forms surrounding us in our world. It connects artists to interested clients of their work, assisting these artists to understand their target market, and develop themselves financially. It incorporates everyone from interior decorators, painters, textile designers, and others, to ensure their marketplace is diverse. It offers transparency whereby you can follow up on how decisions are made by involving the community in all levels of decision-making. It does not discriminate, as long as the community loves your art, you are ready to go as it is up to the marketplace, not the management in deciding which pieces express value.

Minted ensures that artists and designers have a platform to showcase their work. As most artists tend to express frustration on how little their art pays, minted provides an opportunity for them to make as much money as they can from their work.

What makes Minted so popular?

Minted is every growing in popularity for its personalized holiday cards that are beautiful, and efficiently cover the customer's preference and requests every time.

The excitement and anxiety that comes with ordering an item and hoping it turns out as it appeared on the website tend to be overwhelming.The shipment of Minted items has been reviewed as being right on schedule, and most often that not, ahead of time. Moreover, the packaging system Minted uses ensures that the items ordered will get to the recipient in one piece, undamaged and perfect condition.

Minted has a very informative website that is easy to navigate. Also, questions asked to the help center are quickly and adequately answered.

The winners of the competition receive other benefits beyond their prize for their win. Several minted artists take part in the contest held from different countries and states depending on the theme given. An artist's day job does not affect their opportunity to become a Minted artist; as long as your passion and skill are there, you are qualified.


Minted provides diverse stationery, whether digital or paper. For events, parties, holidays, wedding, birthdays, and other occasions, Minted offers invitation cards, save the dates, programs, table numbers, and menus, among many more. Additionally, Minted has a wedding themed website where you can shop for everything wedding related and learn more about what the site offers. If you are not sure about items from Minted, you can try the free samples given to make a decision on whether to Mint or not. For every piece that is featured on the Minted website, you can get to know the artist behind it.

Minted provides a recommendation for photographers for people to use for their special occasion, wedding planning tips, wholesale services and blog posts on different topics associated with the website. It offers coupons and promotions during holiday seasons such as New Year, Christmas, Valentine, and more. Some coupons and promotions provided can not be combined with others, or some don't cover shipping and tax only the item.

Minted is the place to go for your greeting cards, invitation cards, stationery, or just a taste of the finest art from across the globe, visit the website to learn more.