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Ryan Prudhomme
Last update: January 12, 2017

What Is Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is an exciting venture which is focused on providing fun and education to the younger generation since its launch in October 2011. The enterprise is getting popular among the kids and parents by delivering engaging projects to the subscribers every month.

Kiwi Crate intends to inculcate innovation and creativity in the kids. The project themes are designed in order to convey the basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Every month, there is a new theme for the activities and the subscribers receive complete accessories and instructions enclosed in a box.

Crates are divided into categories based on the age groups and interests.The Cricket Crate targets the babies, Koala Crate addresses the children 3-4 years of age and Kiwi Crate is prepared for 5-8 years age group. For 9-16+ age group there are two flavors - Doodle Crate focuses Art and Design and the Tinker Crate themes are based on science and technology. There is a lot of thought process and discussion involved in finalizing a theme. While going through the steps of completion, not only the targeted age group is kept in mind but the kids are also involved in testing the product so that the children's response could be noted. The materials boxed in the crates strictly comply with the health and safety standards. The activity guide includes all the necessary information about the activity and the package received by the customer is ready for action by all means.

As the kids younger than 4 years of age are mostly interested in playing therefore Cricket and Koala crates invite them to play with the shipped material by following the given instructions. Involvement of parents is required but they will have to act as supervisor not the inventor of the play. The activity will broaden the horizons of their imagination and teach the kids some useful lesson which will become a part of their skill set. Likewise the Kiwi Crate encourages the kids to make something from the given material. The accomplishment of creating something adds to the confidence of kids and gives them the courage to tackle the bigger challenges in their life.

At growing ages kids are very open to new activities and learning new concepts. This time should not be wasted by forcing them to do those things which annoy them. Rather they should be given opportunities to discover themselves and choose their direction according to their aptitude. The Crates distinguished on the basis of age groups can be very helpful in this regard.

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Goals & Design Principles

Tinker, create, innovate, Kiwi Crate is inspiring the next generation of scientists, artists and makers and its mission is to encourage them to build the creative problem-solving skills needed to succeed in life. It well understands that the world is changing at a fast pace and the kids growing up in today's world need to be well prepared for the upcoming challenges. Therefore it is important to develop confidence and an intuitive mind by making them use their skills. When kids create something with their own hands they learn a lot of things during that process. As these kids have to become a responsible and useful citizen in future the lessons learnt at a growing age will help them steer their way in the high tides.

All the parents want to see their children successful in the future but due to busy schedules some parents don’t have enough time to provide the required guidance to their young ones. The Crates help the parents by boxing the colorful materials that attract the attention of kids and the instructions for the parents to govern the imaginative play to make the kids learn the important lessons that will also help them in studies. In short the Kiwi Crate intends to be the torch bearer for your kids to help them explore a doctor, engineer or an artist in themselves.

How Kiwi Crate Works

You just have to sign up for a Crate box and your chosen version of Crate will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere across the U.S and Canada. Once received, you just have to open the box and get involved in the activity designed to boost the kid's interest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) by simply following the instructions.

Awards & Press

For now Kiwi Crate is not a mere idea - it has evolved into news. Astute journalists from all across the U.S and Canada have scribed their praise for the brand and up till now Kiwi Crate has bagged more than 20 distinguished awards including the prestigious Academics' Choice Award ?, Parents' Choice Gold and Dr. Toy's 10 Best Building Toys. Well reputed Magazines and papers like The Boston Globe, Forbes, goop, InStyle and many more have published encouraging reviews and articles about Kiwi Crate Inc.

DIY Ideas Display

At Kiwi Crate it's not all about money. It follows a mission. You can also choose DIY activities and ideas for free at http://www.kiwicrate.com/diy/# to try with your kids at the play time and get a taste of the fun that is shipped to subscribers every month.

More Information About Kiwi Crate

When you receive a Fun Activity Box you can only know its theme written on it and rest is sheer surprise. The signing up is very easy on the user friendly interface of Kiwi Crate website and the price is reasonable. Moreover you can follow the deals and huge discounts on Kiwi Crate coupon blog and social media accounts to save even more. You can also make a kid's day by buying a Crate as a gift subscription for someone.