Time To Enjoy Cooking Incredible Meals At Home

Sunny Liu
Last update: January 15, 2017

What Is Blue Apron?

A former associate in Silicon Valley investment firm, Bessemer Venture Partners, and his friend Ilia Papas were brainstorming on business ideas, which they could venture into to after resigning from their jobs. After a few mess ups here and there, a billion ideas finally came into play, Blue Apron, which finally took shape. The founders share that the Blue Apron idea was born out of the experience they had with the struggle of making a decent home-cooked meal. Blue Apron involves food. Thus the two friends had to bring in their friend, Matthew Wadiak, who had knowledge of food. Wadiak was named the food expert and the COO of Blue Apron.

Blue Apron's nation-wide delivery service is involved mainly in the business off delivering chef-recommended and trusted recipes, ingredients needed for each recipe in their precise measure. Since they require many farm products, they co-founders make sure they have good relationships with local farmers, who would be their supply. Blue Apron delivers ingredients and recipes in twenty-fours in different portions depending on the order, for instance, for couples, a family of four and other portions.

Most people are living life in the fast lane, working nine to five, getting back to the house too lazy to cook and shop for ingredients to cook. It is not much of being unable to cook as it to decide on what to cook, where to get ingredients and how to measure them out. With Blue Apron, one gets a recipe they can use, ingredients they will need and ingredients measured out depending on preferred portion.

Why Blue Apron?

Diverse founding team and its mission. The team is not just a group of friends but also experts in their respective fields of work in the company. Mark Salzberg is the CEO of the Blue Apron, based on his experience, involved in expanding shipments, fundraising, assessing the company's growth and ensure excellent customer service. As mentioned earlier, Matthew Wadiak was allocated the role of COO and food expert, as he was previously a caterer at dinners, a supplier of Avocados and truffles. Ilia Papas, on the other hand, are the startup's technical officer who is involved in activities such as building new interfaces to improve customer delivery system.

Blue Apron's mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone, thereby making home chefs out of as many people as they can. Blue Apron attain its mission by supplying trusted chef recipes and measured out ingredients to the customers.

Good food system. They have introduced dietary recipes for people with dietary restrictions, to make sure that their clients with allergies needs are fully met. They ensure that the ingredients they deliver are in season and are fresh. They ensure that their partnerships stretch out to diverse sources of ingredients, who supply them when ingredients are in season.

Fair prices. The hustle of going to a pricey hotel to get a freshly cooked dinner may be too expensive, especially when it is on a daily basis. Additionally, ordering food from various restaurants may tend to be unhealthy and costly. With Blue Apron, you get recipes and ingredients at an affordable cost, from which you can make a meal that is healthy, enough for everyone and cheap. What more can one ask for when you have a freshly cooked home meal at a fair price?

Fast and safe meal delivery. Blue Apron has put in place a system where their subscribed customers can pick up their deliveries dates, of when they will be available to receive the order. Also one can cancel when one is not available to receive the delivery. Moreover, they ensure they deliver ingredients in measured out quantities to make sure it is as exactly as it should be in the recipe. They delivery within twenty-four hours to ensure you have everything set for dinner.

High-quality ingredients. They partner with a local farmer to make sure you have the freshest of the ingredient, as they have recipes for foods according to seasonal ingredients available at that time. They partner with fisheries to ensure the customers have the freshest seafood., local grocery stores, creamery, cattle ranchers and others.

Step-by-step recipes. Blue Apron delivers their recipes with step by step methods and photos to make sure you understand it as quickly as possible. It also ensures the customers does not confuse the ingredients when following the recipes.

How Blue Apron works

Blue Apron delivers to the portion one preferred, and the followings are some of the share plans:

Couple-plan. You receive three recipes every once a week that is according to your preference, whose ingredients are precisely for two people.

Family plan. You receive four recipes weekly, or two selected from outstanding recipes prepared by culinary chefs, and the food is enough for a family of four.

More About Blue Apron

Once you have subscribed to the Blue Apron, you are assured to get your deliveries weekly, fresh food packed in a refrigerated box and you can always cancel an order. You can sign up for an account at Blue Apron for convenience and to get updates on the week's menu. Additionally, you can updates on promotions by following the Blue Apron blog and their social media accounts, to always be in the loop.