Discover Your Family History with Ancestry

Ryan Prudhomme
Last update: January 11, 2017

About Ancestry

As the largest company of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, Ancestry delivers happiness to people who are interested in, and care about their family history. Taking less than a year to grow to 2 million customers worldwide, it only took another 7 months to expand its reach to 3 million people who are now documented in the Ancestry DNA database.

Offering the extensive service of unveiling ethnicity, creating distant relative connections and detailing family history, these all stem from the process of a simple DNA test. Ancestry DNA is the leading DNA testing service which employs the latest techniques of revolutionary autosomal testing to allow people to be enlightened to their diverse family history.

Get to Know Your Family Tree

Ancestry prides itself on making a complex process simple and accessible for its customers. All that is needed to begin the process is just one name to start the family tree. From here, the more the names that are added enable the process to evolve and develop into a deep network of family history and ties going back generations.

As a customer of the database, you will soon see the leaves appearing on the family tree which are your own personal ancestry hints to your family story. Each leaf is a potential discovery. You just need to follow the leaves and see your family tree grow.

The discovery enriches insights from revealing connections to famous relatives, to even finding pictures of your great grandmother as a child. Whatever your discovery, the process is sure to change the way you view your family history, and your place in it.

Create Your Own Family Tree

For best results, it is advised for customers to enter all the information they can to allow for the greatest chances of discovering generations upon generations from your past. It is not necessary to enter an incredible amount of facts just to start, even guess work can lead to great discoveries, as Ancestry can find clues through your guesses to new information regarding your family history.

Here is a short breakdown of the process so you have an idea of what to expect from the process of starting your family tree:

- Enter whatever information you have about your family, your parents and your grandparents. Even a wild guess would help.
- Ancestry begins by searching the entire database for the new info regarding your family.
- You may then find Ancestry hints come up in your tree to help in possible new discoveries along the way.

Discover Your Family History with the Most Authentic Way - AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA is the most innovative service which employs the latest techniques of autosomal testing for revolutionising the ways of discovering the family history. This service along with the DNA Science has become the biggest and the most authentic source for predicting your genetic ethnicity. It helps you to find your family connections, and it also maps the ethnicity going back multiple generations to offer an insight into all the possibilities of family connection.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to Ancestry. They follow the industry security practices for storing the DNA samples, the DNA testing results and all the other personal details which you will offer. Additionally, in the storing of the DNA test result, as well as the DNA sample, your name is not mentioned in the storage process. You are the owner of your DNA data and you can, at anytime you wish, download the raw DNA data and ask Ancestry to remove your DNA tests results.

The Ancestry DNA results would gi ve you information about your ethnicity throughout the 26 regions, and also identify the potential relatives with the help of DNA matching with others who have also taken AncestryDNA test. The results would help you to research more about your family history and it would also help you to dig deeper into your previous researches.

Become a Member

You can connect with millions of other members of Ancestry for getting assistance, sharing ideas, finding insights and possibly discovering the living relatives whom you might not have even known before.

Below are 3 different ways of becoming a member:

1. U.S. Discovery

You can access all the U.S. records in the Ancestry including birth, marriage, death and census, ages, siblings, birthplaces, addresses, etc.

2. World Explorer

You can access all the U.S. and international records on Ancestry. You can also enjoy unlimited access to 3 billion+ international birth, marriage, census, death, church and other such records.

3. All Access

You will get a full membership to:
- Ancestry
- Basic
- Ancestry Academy

You can take a monthly or a half yearly membership to get started. You can just call to subscribe or even cancel your subscription anytime. Enjoy the free trial and become a member today.

Community Support

Ancestry offers excellent support services to allow you to reach out at any time, for any query. You are treated as a person, not a number, and our friendly team aims to deliver the greatest standard of customer service throughout the entire process with Ancestry. Furthermore, for the latest news and interesting information, follow Ancestry on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest. Check out the latest deals with the use of the Ancestry coupon found at coupon.everafterguide.