Adore Me — Adore Your Body

Ryan Prudhomme
Last update: January 23, 2017

Ladies, are you looking for lingerie, bras, and panties that can challenge Victoria’s Secret designs but are available for a much lesser price, so you don’t have to worry about the price tags? We have a very economical solution for it, and it is the Adore Me E-Commerce site where you can purchase high-quality, soft and comfortable nightwear, swimwear, corsets, etc. which have been designed by Helen Mears, former creative chief of Victoria’s Secret.

Adore Me’s Founding

Adore Me is a brand smaller than Victoria’s Secret but challenging it all the same, and growing at a very fast pace. Victoria’s Secret covers 62% of the market, and it’s well known for its high prices too. Adore Me which started as an online start-up, by Morgan Hermand-Waiche who is a Harvard graduate, was made for the purpose of bringing into market something that is affordable for everyone.

Adore Me was set up four years ago and has been progressing ever since. Adore Me also doesn’t compromise on the quality and is rapidly taking over the market. With time, it has been widening its range of products by including all the sizes and offering products for all the body types.

Economic Products by Top Designers

Adore Me products, as mentioned before, have not been compromised on the quality. They are designed by the Creative chief of Victoria’s Secret Helen Mears. So you know it’s a fantastic deal when you are getting more for less money.

Adore Me provides high-quality products in affordable price range because they design and make their own products and then sell them directly to the customers online without requiring any physical location for the store to be set up.

Customized Shelf

When you go to the website, the first thing you are asked to do is to go through an attractive and interesting quiz. The quiz asks you about the size and your preferences in the lingerie or other products you are buying. After the quiz, the websites filters out for you the products matching your requirements. It saves you from the hassle of going through each and every product. This lets you choose among the options which match your demand. The products are made of high-quality and soft material which makes them extremely comfortable.

Amazing Subscription Packages

Adore Me offers incredible subscription package.The VIP subscription is what is surely recommended. It works in an easy and customer-friendly way. You subscribe to the package and can choose what you want to get every month. You are not obliged to buy, and you can skip months too. The first set is at discounted price, and the sixth set is totally free. The first set will cost you only $19.95. Nothing gives you more happiness than getting a designer wear for free! The shipping is also free.

If you are worried about the subscription fee, there is none! And to add more to the list of amazing offers by Adore Me, free exchanges are available. So, you don’t have to worry if you would ever choose the wrong product, as you can always get it exchanged. The VIP subscription is the package that has attracted many women, and this comes from the person who really doesn’t fancy subscribing to things.

The Referral Discount

Adore Me is already very economical and still, it lets you save up more money! If you refer Adore Me to your friends or family, you get a discount when the referral buy something from the website. The discount is of $15! The referring of the site is pretty easy too. You don’t have to tell it to your friends and family separately. You can just invite them with Adore Me Facebook invite page. So, add up all the discounts just by a few clicks on the invite page. Ladies loved this offer and got some discounts just by inviting a few friends to get quality lingerie at affordable prices.

Adore Me Website & App

You can explore Adore Me from their website. The website is user-friendly, which is why the ladies who get confused while shopping by the bad interfaces of the websites face no difficulty in buying from the Adore Me website.

You can also shop via the Android or iOS apps which enables you to explore the wide range of Adore Me products via your smartphones or tablets. Shopping could not have been made easier than this by Adore Me.

The Adore Me box

The Adore Me box is the packaging of your shopping from the Adore Me. It’s very discreet, so you don’t have to get embarrassed by your lingerie or bras and panties being delivered, in case you are worried about that. The box is black with ‘Hey, Adorable’ written on the side and Adore Me printed on the top of the box. Your order would be packed in nice red tissue, thumbs up for the cute look of it. There couldn’t have been a fancier subscription box than this.

Adore Me offers great bras, lingerie, swimwear, panties, and sleepwear at fantastic prices. The quality is more or less equal to the Victoria’s Secret. The products are also whatever is claimed on the website and just in case you choose the wrong product, you get to have free exchanges. All this makes Adore Me a better option which helps you save money too.